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Friday, March 2, 2012

Did I Win?

I had the date marked on my Outlook calendar. February 29th. The day the winner of the Writer's Digest Short Story contest would be notified. And I knew. I just knew this would be my year.

My entry simply seemed...brilliant. A bit poetic. And my plot twist? Fabulous. Certainly the judges weren't going to put me aside again! As a matter of fact, my wheels had already started spinning on a novel aspect of the story.

Why was I so certain that I had secured my long-awaited writing award? A couple of weeks ago, I started hearing a voice in my head. The voice kept saying, "You've already won!" Oh wow. An angel, an angel of scribblers, coming to whisper the early results to me. Finally, I was destined to win a writing contest.

Well, on the eve of Leap Day, I decided to pull that poignant piece I wrote a few months ago. (Already I was thinking about answering interview questions upon receipt of my prestigious prize. "Well, I was inspired by a story that my husband once told me..." "Oh, I use a very extensive editing process...") So I read my first sentence. I liked it. But then I read on. And the more I read, the more disheartened I became. It wasn't quite as poignant as I had hoped. It was really more...crappy-like. Almost laughable. I think I might've tried just a little too hard.

So when the next day came. I checked my home email several times. And guess what? Nothing. No notification from the Writer's Digest folks. Looks like they sort of agreed that maybe it wasn't my best work.

Hey! But what about that voice in my head? The one that keeps saying, "You've already won!" Come to think of it, it sounds an awful lot like my own, tinny voice. Nonetheless. I think, that in many ways, in my life, I have already won. Sometimes I forget to remember.

BTW, I've just added a new bullet point for me and my hubby's bucket list! Check these bookstores out...Not sure if hubby is on board to travel the world to visit them all, but he doth not haveth a choice.

The 20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

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