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Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's your Shoe Flavor?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a fashion trade show with my mother who will soon be opening a boutique. As we oohed and awed over the pretty trends, Mom sighed. "Oh, how I wish I could still wear stilettos." My eyebrow arched. Not really a sentiment I share. But apparently her comrades feel the same way. On a recent shopping trip, she and her pals tried on a few precipitous heels. And loved how sexy it all made them look. But they knew better than to purchase. Their arches paid their dues and can't be asked to go higher than an inch. Maybe an inch and a half. "Whoa!" I thought. "My mom musta been glamorous." As for me? Not so much. 

I belong to the ugly shoe generation. Sneakers, Doc Martens, chunky shoes, grungy boots, flats galore. (We Gen Xers have even been known to make the fashion faux pax of wearing flats with tailored suits! Yikes...) I admit that the only time I purchased a pair of three inch heels, I only wore them once. It was ridiculous. Not sexy. Thank God I had Doug to hold on to the entire evening because I realized quickly that my ankles were en route to a spraining.

I dress up every day for work. And I have to really talk myself into wearing those "one pair of shoes" that have the two inch heels when necessary. All other pairs are approximately 1 1/2 inches. They' look good enough. Come to think of it. Not sure if Mom has ever mentioned how adorable my shoes are. And I'm positive she notices...since I have lunch with her nearly every day.

Awesome? Yes?
Yesterday, Alex and I had a super fun day of shopping. I thought about my mother and her pretty shoes. I actually tried on a pair of fancy ones. But I put them right back after feeling like I most certainly was going to fall from great heights. Instead, I bought a pair of sensible, chunky black pumps at a normal altitude. And a great price. The only style that might've been better would've been a smart pair of penny loafers. As for my daughter? She found herself some awfully cute shoes with a heel that shouldn't trip her up or cause her to formulate hammer toes. I'll let you decide what sort of shoe generation she'll find herself in...perhaps a nice blend of a glam and practical?  Methinks, she and Grandma would have some fun shoe shopping...but who doesn't have fun shoe shopping? Really. No matter what your flavor.

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