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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Hitch is All Over

While I seemed to be the only one in our household who cared about the festivities across the pond, I thought the Royal wedding (of what I could pick up from videos, photos and TLC's fashion journalism) was simply...lovely. But who doesn't love a fairy tale wedding? Well, plenty of boys/men, I guess.

My fascination with William and Kate stems back to 1981 when plenty of us Gen Xers watched the pretty Lady Di (with her never-ending train) marry Prince Chahles. (Of course, I did NOT wake up at 4:00 AM to see the nuptials. But we watched replays on the news and waited for articles to be published to relish in the details. No, we poor souls didn't have Internet back then. It was the worst of times. Or maybe it was the best of times...) Of course, that fairy tale went a bit awry, but is the fascination still there? Apparently!

So, what's this female obsession of weddings? Whether the locale is Westminster Abbey or the Westside Bar & Grill, a wedding is a wedding. And for me, it basically boils down to two things:

  1. To see young love so pure and innocent...that glorious time before dishes and laundry get in the way. (And apparently that just might happen to Will and Kate since they are choosing to do their own chores. Crazy. I wonder if this option is reversible once kids come along?)
  2. The dress. Mostly, it's about the dress. To see how pretty it looks. Kate's was quite beautiful - not too ornate. And sophisticated - seemed very fitting for her style. I actually really liked the bridesmaid dress as well. Just a tad sexier. Anyway, WAY BEFORE I became a bride, I dreamed of what my dress might be. And after I was married, I almost immediately began dreaming of what my daughter's would be....and this was before I KNEW I would give birth to my beloved Alex. Of course, maybe I'm just a nutcase. But I don't think I'm in the minority here.
So, with all of the hubbub of the royal wedding, we took my wedding dress out of the box. Funny, Alex didn't love the portrait collar - my favorite part. But she seemed much more enamored by my train...

And in twenty years, I told her it will be all hers!

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