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Friday, April 22, 2011

Be Green on Earth Day!

Most recently I finished reading Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano. And if my family thought I wasn't already obsessive, just watch me now! Now that I'm uber informed of the dangerous carcinogins in the plethora of household products we use... I'm like a crazed eco-woman, determined to rid our home of any toxins that might harm my precious loved ones.  Oh sure, they look askance, utter sly remarks, and question whether this exuberance will last a week, a month, two months. But I've already purchased $100 worth of certified organic products to get us started, AND my compost pile is building up nicely now.

So eventually I will toss out all of the chemical-infiltrated products in our perimeter. But I won't shock my family's system or poison the earth all at once by dumping the current products down the drain. And I'm having some trouble convincing my beloved of the benefits of the mud-like shampoo and the "fresh" aroma of the shower gel.  (Alex thought I smelled like the dog shampoo after a complete organic scrubbing...I think she's just being a poop.) Admittedly, it takes a little getting used to. But doesn't all change?
Our new shampoo!

Anyway, on this earth day, take a look at the products on your shelf and around your home. Are they really good for you? They might deem themselves "organic" or "natural," but unless it contains the organic seal, it doesn't count. There's an amazing website called Skin Deep which allows you to check up on your companies.  It's quite enlightening.  A bit disappointing as well.  I was happy to report that one product I use from Nature's Origins scored relatively well. (I knew I liked those sales girls for some reason.)

Sustain the Earth...for our Posterity!

There is much we can do on this earth to make it a better place. I received Gorgeously Green as a gift and learned a lot about living a sustainable life which I hope to pass on to my kids...much to their chagrin. But the chagrin will dissipate when they begin to understand their own responsibility to care for ourselves and our planet. Anyway, think of a small change - whether it's throwing that aluminum can in the recycle bin or recycling your clothes. It all adds up in the end. And happy earth day to you and your family on this lovely day.

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