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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Be Like Cole

I read a fabulous article in one of my periodicals on how people should take a few lessons from pets…one of the lessons being: celebrate everything – as a dog would. Those of you with a smiley Lab or a hop-pity Rat Terrier know exactly what I'm talking about. Going to the kitchen? GREAT! Opening the fridge? GREAT! Laying on the couch? GREAT!

Well, I decided today that I need to celebrate life a little more like our son, Cole. (Some of you are well-aware that he bears some eery resemblances to our canine friends.)

-Upon awakening for school at 6:30 AM, with puffy eyes, our boy is as happy as a wagging tail. "Good Morning!" he sings to everyone else who is barely speaking...And he's off to start the day in five minutes.
-Fresh off the bus, growling tummy, wet socks, and sporting a fat smile.
    “How was your day, Cole?” 
    “What made it great?” 
A shrug. He’s typically focused on devouring something like a bag of Cheetos. 

But the darndest things make this kid happy:

  • Hot dogs - genuine excitement about getting hot dogs at lunch.
  • Some obscure reference about the fourth Spiderman sequel being made.
  • Becoming struck with the idea of dressing up as Harry Potter on Halloween (on the Eve of Christmas Eve).
  • Getting kissed by a poop-eating dog.*Dropping Mentos in Mountain Dew (But who doesn't love that?) 
  • Writing seventeen letters to Santa Claus.
  • Eating one pound of hamburger. 
  • And putting up a good wrestling match with his Dad - nothing makes a boy happier than some old-fashioned violence, right?
There's some sort of statistic which compares the number of laughs between kids and adults in a day. It's something really pathetic - like 100 children giggles to 5 adult laughs. Now, this is one lesson we need to take from our kids - laugh more. If you can't figure out how or why, spend some time with a kid. And if you can't find any, you're welcome to hang out with Cole. He'll find a way to make you laugh. Maybe he'll even give you a ride on his motorcycle sometime. Although, that just might scare you to death. But I bet you'd be laughing.

Cole Kramer. Lover of Life.

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