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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day!

Things I accomplished over the Labor Day weekend:

  • Gleefully watched Eat Pray Love with mother and daughter and wondered if I'll ever get to eat pasta in Italy. Or do yoga in Bali. Didn't even consider the fact that I'll never be praying in India.
  • Reluctantly purchased new pillows to replace the superbly-comforting five-year 90% dust-mite- filled pillows gracing our beds. 
  • Lost myself in a dystopian young adult fictional novel. Sadly, I finished it. Started two other books.
  • Toured countryside on motorcycle ride with group of friends on nearly perfect day without once worrying that we were going to get killed. That's a lie.  
  • Painted yet another yellow coat on that damn end-table project I started at the beginning of summer. Target completion date: Thanksgiving.
  • Went to Mass. Bulletin is on the counter to prove it.
  • Wallowed in Borders yesterday afternoon with the family. Purchased four new books to read. Correction - two are "new," two have been read before...but were borrowed copies. Hmmm Could there be somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty books waiting to be read on my bookshelf?   So now I'm reading Eat Pray Love (which I've already read because I want to be a journalist someday like Elizabeth Gilbert and look just like Julia Roberts, the actress who played her because obviously reading the book will make this happen...)
But despite the awesome things I did accomplish this weekend, I have one major regret...I found out that my closest friend was bummed that I hadn't asked her along to Eat Pray Love. We had been sort of planning to go...but when I had brought it up a couple of times the Monday before, I wasn't sensing she wanted to go. And since she has really little kids (sort of the second family that Doug and I didn't opt to follow along with), I didn't want to bug her about it. Honestly, the feeling kind of nagged me the whole night. "Should I have called her?" I had emailed her about a few things the day before, hoping she'd bring it up.  But instead of just asking her, I waited it out, hoping that she would say something first. Since she didn't say anything, I assumed she didn't want to go.  Women are so weird in this way. Then I get the text. "Sort of bummed that you guys went without me."

Amy is like one of my best friends. Apparently, it was too difficult for me to come right out and ask her if she wanted to go. We women pretend not to have egos, but I think we just disguise them differently. What would have been the worst that Amy could have told me?  "No?" Boy, that would've been horrible.

Anyway, the story has a happy we (along with a posse including my sister-in-law and brother-in-law and another friend) got to ride with our hubbies on their Harley's this weekend. (One of we girls favorite things to do!)  And there are no hard feelings. I told Amy how sorry I was. And luckily, I'm willing to attend the movie again. All she needs to do is ask me...

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Amy said...

Stef- don't beat yourself up about it. Nice blog though, thanks for caring so much. I know it's hard- I do seem to be busy with kids all the time. I just love our girl time.