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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Calling All Bug-Eaters!

Like every well-meaning capitalistic Americans, Doug and I have traditionally made a past time of brainstorming Get-Rich-Quick schemes.  No need to bore ya'll with our list of fantastical ideas (as I'm quite certain that some will sound eerily familiar to a few of you). And now with lottery clerks master-minding grand schemes to heist from droves innocent Powerball affection-ados, we might as well invest our time and extra dollar in doing something more constructive (in addition to our day jobs, I mean). Like dabble in wholesale bugs.

Does anyone (who graduated in the decade of the 80's) remember a Weekly Reader which had an article giving credence to the nutritiousness of insects? Well, I do. It's one of those nano-pieces of information that remains forever imprinted in my mind. A snippet of my school days came roaring back when the WSJ released an article this week claiming that, guess what? Bug eaters are on the rise. Maybe not so much in Shelby County. But it's a rising trend on the east coast, of course.

Of course, you can buy chocolate covered crickets at hip NYC cafes; and there are kitchens in Brooklyn hosting insect tasting events. I'm not kidding! As a matter of fact, there are websites - Insects Are Food.  Take a look! It's really quite fascinating...if your stomach can take it. Anyway, back to my $$$ idea.

So, we Kramer's live in bug paradise, right? (Doesn't all of Iowa?) All we need to do is get hooked up with the right NYC restaurant to sell our crickets and grasshoppers for a lucrative price and voila! We're in the money. Just a few logistics to conquer:

  • Doug is a bug smasher. I doubt the chefs would like how he would compromise the insect's aesthetic appeal.
  • So, my hubby suggested fumigating as an alternative. But I'm guessing it would tarnish the bugs' zingy taste. And we probably couldn't label them as "organic." Heck, we'd be shooting ourselves in the feet before we got out the gate.
  • What am I thinking? After reading all this Eat Pray Love stuff, I've been feeling a little Hindu lately... I don't like to kill anything, even bugs. So, we should really wait out these insect deaths and hunt for cricket and grasshopper carcass.  We got plenty-o-land to hunt. Sure, it might take some time. Maybe this will be a task for the kids. Heck, maybe this whole idea should be a task for the kids. A way for them to make money...My Dad had a few of these schemes for me.
Grasshopper-you look yummy!
Next blog topic:  The value of hardwork. 

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