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Monday, July 5, 2010


Our family loves to look at photo albums. As my hubby noted the other day..."funny, isn't it? With all the technology out there, here we are. All huddled around a photo album."

Of course, I tried my hand at scrapbooking once. It's a very slim album with maybe two,three pages tops. My sister-in-law has really cool scrapbooks, so I had this crazy idea that I'd be organized enough to create something fabulous as well. Right. I barely keep up with a regular photo albums. As a matter of fact, I have quite a few holidays all mixed up. And who knows if Cole's birthdays are in the correct order. It doesn't help that Cole doesn't age. Take this photo for example...When I first saw it, I had absolutely no idea how old he was. Could be two. Could be six. Now if his hair would've been a little longer, maybe I'd have a chance. Since this photo was discovered electronically, I was able to date it. (He happens to be four here.)

I can easily tell what age Alex is in all of her photos. "Yes, this was Alex when she was 7 and 3/4 because she she lost her tooth and just had her hair cut in that bob that spring." But Alex also seems to mature leaps and bounds every year...making me sad that my daughter was growing up so very fast. Proud. But sad.

Is it just the development timeline in boys is a bit slower? Is this why Cole still seems like a baby although he's nearing the ripe old age of nine? (Yes, I still have a need to cut his meat.) And the question that is really troubling me...Will my slightly older hubby age better than me? When we're retired and laying on the beach in Maui, the pretty Polynesian girls will stare at us and wonder why such a dapper fellow is with such an old hag! Yikes!!!! The horrors. What are those superfoods again?

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