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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mommyhood or What?

Okay, looking through my last few posts I'm wondering if this is really a family blog, or simply a site to post photos of my flowers and pets? What happened to those days when I used to dress my kids up and snap photos after photos? Well, they don't much let me dress them anymore. Nevertheless, I'm still a parent. And it's still a parenting back to...what's their names again?

My kids have had an ABUNDANCE of together time this year. One thing about living in the country - summer break lacks time for hanging out with, this weekend (that most magical weekend of the year when citizens of Earling join together to raise money for our Parish) will allow them to run free on the streets of Earling with their buddies and spend as much as their Dad's cash as possible.

Last night we let them each have a friend stay over after setting up stands. (Perhaps a weak moment, since my home is a disaster and chock full of Oriental Trading toys for the kiddie stand). Then they requested to ride the 4-wheeler this morning, which I absolutely hate by the way. I said yes (again, another weak moment). After all, how often do they go outside without a constant nudging from me or their father? Anyway, I'm happy to report there are no injuries...and I did get a photo op out of the deal. Notice the flannel pj bottoms in the middle of July?
Like I said, they dress themselves these days. Okay, but I also must seal this post by sharing my pretty white lilies. I don't think they've ever bloomed before. Truly I don't believe them to be more beautiful than our children. But they are lovely, aren't they? Kids and lilies, alike.

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Rubi J said...

Beauty is to be enjoyed, whether it's kids or flowers.