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Monday, May 31, 2010

Confessions of a Mom Blogger

The title of this post reminds me that I probably need to change the name of this blog from "mommyhood" to something like "hey momhood" since I only get called Mommy in a rare slip of the tongue anymore...but maybe some other day. Right now, it's time for a confessional:

=>Yesterday I was about to pour the backwash of a Dr Pepper down the sink when I noticed a dying fly struggling near the drain. About a mili-second before dumped the soda, I watched the creature. And I wondered. Is the little guy in pain? Will it help if I just drown him in the carbonation? Or it will be excruciating? Suddenly, I couldn't bear the thought of torturing him. I KNOW I AM NUTS. You know what I did next? I took a napkin, let the thing crawl on it and released it outside. Whether it healed itself or not I'll never know. But at least I didn't drown him in Dr. Pepper.
=>I'm amazed at how quickly boys can learn sports. Doug taught Cole how to catch fly balls last night and he got it in like fifteen minutes! It totally freaks me out. They played for like two hours and never got tired. I remember when he tried to work with Alex. Wow. Those were not happy times. Alex and I should like play guitar together while the boys play catch.
=>While I will never regret building our house, I do miss the vegetation back at the old house. The strawberries. The raspberries. The columbine. The out-of- control rhubarb. And the peonies. The peonies! That were transplanted before the cows ate them last year and are blooming in our new yard this year! Yes, just in time to take to the cemeteries.
=>I told Doug the other night that I am going to quit writing. I don't think I will though.
=>I'm slightly jealous of the young twenty-somethings that that have nothing better to do on the weekends than to party, party, party. Only slightly though.
=>Nineteen years ago I met the love of my life. The thought makes me happy. Next week our oldest girl will turn thirteen. The thought makes me sad. The photo below is how I envisioned my hubby bonding with his son. Of course, this makes me happy. Especially, as I am bonding with my daughter on a shopping trip. Again, this makes me happy.

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