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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Again!

Between my new resolve of "living in the present" and a few other things going on like...a very sick grandma, Cole's First Communion, kids' activities (yadayadayada), a couple of really awesome books I'm reading, and, oh yeah, my job, I've hardly been able to carve out any blogging time. Not that I haven't had any material. Boy, have I had material...but most of it has slipped which is a bummer because I'm sure it was quite clever. Anyway, to get back into the groove, I have First Communion to work with. Anyone recognize this handsome young fella? (The one on the left is Cole)

First of all, hint to all of you mothers for next year - don't purchase pants too far ahead of time. Incredibly, length wasn't the problem. Cole had to suck in with all his might to get it snapped! Maybe we should limit his three-cheeseburger-a-day diet? His new belt still has the tag. Wish I was better at saving receipts.

But the day was truly blessed. At Communion, we eat the body and blood of Christ to become Him and carry on His love. Cole has been studying much about this holy ceremony and, of course, it was a very special day. (He particularly liked the wine.)

After the wonderful Mass and great party, we were finally winding down for the weekend. As usual, we were determining what DVD to pop in. Cole had narrowed the search to Sherlock Holmes and Star Wars 3. Apparently Sherlock Homes was winning votes and his head dropped down into a pout. So I quickly reminded him that he ate the bread of Christ today and asked, "Is that how Jesus would act?"

Cole looked up at me with his baby blues and said, "Jesus would want to see Star Wars 3. He would understand."

And God definitely has a sense of humor.

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