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Monday, February 1, 2010

Can You PALEASE Sit Still?

Yesterday was open house for our Catholic Schools, so before we made ourselves sick on pancakes we visited each of our children's rooms. As a 7th Grader, Alex wasn't quite as eager to show us her artwork, although her barn quilt design was quite cool as she showed us symbols that describes her values and characteristics. Cole was amazed that Alex was able to locate her desk without having her name labeled on it...

Cole, as a second grader, had plenty of art projects to show us. In one particular piece, he had covertly created a butt. (Teehee.) But I was most interested in where Cole's desk was mothers know why. Was it near the teacher's desk? Was it in front?

When he showed us his desk in the back of the classroom, I smiled with a bit of relief. Then his teacher stepped in to tell us why Cole's desk is in the back.

"It's so he can stand."

"What? So he can what?"

"It's so he can stand during class. Apparently, he can't sit down."

Oh, dear. I've wondered how the kid made it through the day, but figured it must not be a problem since I'd never heard otherwise. There's a reason he only weighs sixty pounds. He never sits still. Can you imagine a teacher back in the 1970's allowing us to stand? As Doug pointed out, maybe to slap you...

Mrs. Robinson explained to us that she realizes that all kids learn differently - some don't learn well while sitting. I was very happy to know that my son's teacher is a bit progressive in her thinking - Cole does well, but how well would he do if he had to sit all day? He might do long as he was learning on a DS.

She did mention that at times, his fidgeting is distracting. Really!! No doubt. I would think a kid standing at the back of the classroom would be distracting and unnerving. Actually, an entire classroom of second graders would probably completely unravel me.

Thank goodness for teachers. Now, do you suppose we should allow Cole to stand up while he's eating? I just lectured him the other day for taking laps around the house between bites. But perhaps he's on to something.

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