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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Need Vacation from Parents?

So the other day when I picked up Cole, he was, as usual, excited to relate something about his day. This time it was about a church camp presentation.

"So, Mom. You go to church every day in the morning. Then you swim in the afternoon. And there are bows & arrows and bb guns."

Hmm. Church camp, heh? "Cole, do you really think you could go away for awhile, without getting homesick? You're only in second grade?"

"It's only for the summer."

The summer! So, my baby would ditch his family for the entire summer...just to swim and shoot some bb's? "Cole! I'd never let you go away for an entire summer- 3 whole months - are you kidding me!" Certainly the boy doesn't realize how much he'll miss me.

Then he responds, "You can visit me on Saturdays."

Well, then. At least he'd be willing to carve some time out for me...once a week.

I was willing to consider the idea if Alex was interested in going. But when I asked her about it, she said, "No way." Isn't that strange? Alex is the kid we predict to move the furthest away from us. Cole is the kid we predict to be living in our basement forever.

Apparently we're way out of touch. As for camp? It's still under investigation.

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