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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the giver

Every once in awhile, I like to take note of my children's kindness meter. I realize that every child is the center of their own world, but eventually they take steps out to discover the joy of putting others before themselves. RIght? Alex seems to have progressed beautifully into a kind, loving and generous young lady. I wish I would've documented her development so that I had some sort of baseline to compare Cole's development...

This year I asked the kids what was the best gift that they GAVE this year?

Alex took a moment to ponder, then finally replied, "Probably Mario Kart for Cole. He was just so excited and happy. It made me happy."

Thoughtful. Sweet. She made someone (her little brother, mind you!) happy.

Cole didn't blink or hesitate to respond, "Dad's foot massager. It's awesome."

"So, is it your favorite gift because you enjoy it so much?" I ask, in hopes that he corrects me by stating how much his father enjoyed the gift. But no.

"Exactly. It feels awesome!"

I should have recognized the signs when Cole and I went off on our own to do some Christmas shopping. Sitting on any available furniture that resembled a seat. Innumerable "are we done yet?" whimpers. Sneaking off to preview his own wishlist ideas...and being satisfied with any ole' object to give as a gift.

Maybe next year the joy of giving will hit the 8-year old. In the meantime, we'll just get a kick out of Cole enjoying his gifts...

Here are the kids watching Grandpa scratch off his lottery winnings at Christmas...looks like they hit the big one!

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