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Sunday, November 15, 2009


So, I like to write. I don't proclaim to be a great writer, but I aspire to be one! And great writers should write every I'm told. Well, despite the amazing life I lead, I don't always have post-worthy subject matter. However, I often come up with bit-sized AHA! seen in Oprah, but written by more intriguing people. (I believe that Deepak Chopra would define these as "sutras" for the deeply insightful. (See blog post a few weeks ago...) Anyway, a few fleeting thoughts to close out the week:

*Sesame Street turned 40 this week. It really made me feel young, since we are the same age. (Alex clarified that technically I'm older.) Man, 1969 was a great year!
*My son has suddenly outgrown Batman and become obsessed with the NFL. Why does this make me happy when I was deeply saddened when my daughter declared princesses passe'?
*Seriously, I just yelled at my son to turn off his DS and to "come in here and watch TV." That is a very sad statement.
*My daughter keeps secrets so well, it's disturbing. I informed her of a WSJ article that claimed kids who shared "romance" information with their parents ended up with the most stable and compatible mates. She's still not talking.
*My mother helped me buy a turkey roaster today. It's like a whole new dynamic between me and my mom. She told me that she's been making gravy since she was a kid! I'm still thinking I better purchase "gravy in a jar" since I'll have enough on my plate on turkey day.Did I mention that we are hosting Thanksgiving? I'm kind of excited. Now I have a baster and a roaster and a very cool table cloth.
*I bought one of my Dad's Christmas gifts today. It's like so completely cool, but I can't divulge for the slight chance he's reading this post. It was really, really, really expensive though. Hope I can afford stuff for the kids.

That's it. All my inspiration. Actually, I just need to get back to Dan Brown. Have a great week.

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