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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Finding Laughter is Easy in our House

While I typically look forward to the first snow of the season, October 10th is a bit early for me. I looked out the window and my mood turned subfusc (meaning dark,gloomy...sorry, it happened to be the Word of the Day yesterday and I couldn't resist). But now the sun is shining, the snow is almost gone and Cole has fortunately provided me more reasons to laugh:

Today at lunch.

Part 1: A fart. A glance at Cole. Baby-blue guilty eyes. And then the remark, "Sorry, that was an inappropriate fart." As opposed to the appropriate fart...

Part 2: Lunch diverts to a conversation about surnames. Cole asks, "How do people get their last names?" My hubby quickly responds, "From their grandparents." Of course, Cole then asks, "How do they get their last names?" My hubby quickly responds, "From their grandparents. And they got their last name from their grandparents...." And before the pointless question/answer session goes too far, I interject.

"People of European descent typically have last names that are associated with their trade. For example, Grandma Ruby's last name 'Molgaard, in Danish, means a mill that stands on the farm. Have you ever noticed how many Danish last names end in "gaard" which means farm. I'm not really sure what Kramer means in German..."

Apparently, no one was interested in my dissertation and Cole decides to profess his own theory. "I think God makes up our last names."

We all ask, "Why?"

'Like duh' divulges his attitude as he responds, "Jesus?"

We shrug.

"Jesus had a last name. Jesus CHRIST."

Of course, Mr. Christ. That's why I pay for a Catholic education

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