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Thursday, October 8, 2009

131 days - Project Hawaii

I lost my walking partner yesterday.

As Cole and I enjoyed the waning warmth of the season yesterday evening, having our normal one-sided conversation of video jabber, Cole broke mid-sentence to scream that detestable word. "SNAKE!"

Like every other mother, I'd give me life to protect my kids. But when a loathsome creature, such as a teeny-tiny snake appears before me, my maternal instinct flees. My protectiveness comes down to one piece of advice..."RUN!"

Cole tried to crawl up my back, but I quickly shoo'd him down and said. "Bud - you're too big. You're just gonna have to hoof it!"

Luckily, we made it. The snake didn't hunt us down and we ran into the house without any venom dripping into our veins. Cole declared his walking days over. For now at least.

So, tonight I'm feeling a little blue about my expanding waistline, and I'm thinking, maybe I can work on Alex to be my exercise partner.

"Hey, Al? What do ya say we start jogging to get in shape for Hawaii? It's 131 days."

Amazingly she's immediately smitten by the idea. We measure our waists, which happen to be exactly the same right now at 34 inches....with a goal to reduce by February. (I have a feeling my tween will have much more success.)

And we do it. Of course, it takes us longer to get ready than the actual jog. I'm thinking we might be more motivated if we turn this venture into some sort of a fashion statement with cute scarves and caps. Alex is right on board. For now.

130 days to go...I'll keep you posted. Here's my new jogging buddy. (Look at us - just eating salads!)

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rubi j said...

Grandma on board, too. I still can't get myself to commit to a bathing suit. Help!!!!