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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Seeing the World through Their Eyes

So last night I'm taking a walk with Alex and Cole and the sunset is stunning - an incredible mosaic of color and clouds. I point out the majestic scene to the kids.

"Isn't it beautiful?" I say. Then to keep our topic from roaming to Batman or Halloween I add, "What do you guys see in those clouds?"

They are quiet, so I offer my first stab at the Rorschach test, "I see alligators. See the snouts?"

Cole sees something more delicate. "I see birds."

"Birds are nice, Coley!" Yes, I see the birds now and they are much prettier than the alligators.

Then Alex creates the prettiest picture of all, "I think they look like angels. See how their faces are gliding through the sky?"

Ahh! I see the ethereal beings floating through the sky. But there's just one that looks..."Hey, do you guys see that one straight ahead? Doesn't it look like she's got a huge butt?"

Of course, this stems laughter. Then Alex corrects me, "Actually, I see it as a pretty pregnant angel laying on her back."

The girl finds beauty in everything. She used to collect candy wrappers, enamored by anything with foil and color. She takes pictures of things like spilled flour next to cookie dough or a book laying on the floor.

Ah, the girl undoubtedly has a good eye. As for me? I only spot scary reptiles and big butts.
Photos like this often pop up in my camera...compliments of Alex.

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I am P said...

the girl's got an eye for beauty, see's the good in all! good for her...should b more like her in this world!! :)