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Sunday, July 26, 2009


No, this post is not about the HBO series NOR any illegal substance. It's merely about weeds. It's a topic that enters my mind often as I'm pulling shoots of unwanted growth.

Remember the days of picking dandelions and giving them to your mother as a gift? Then, all of the sudden someone bursts your bubble and tells you that a dandelion is merely a weed. (Certainly the informant wasn't a "mother," who would never dream of appearing unappreciative of your homemade gifts...could it have been a father?)

When I first started gardening, I remember my master gardener friend Sharon explaining how certain flowers (like daisies) are practically weeds and become too invasive. I thought to myself, "Good, something easy to grow." Well, now I'm trying to kill off Spider Wort, so I can relate. Sort of.

Since the beginning of summer, I've been purposely growing a weed in my rock garden. You see, it had a bud on it. I couldn't bear to pull it. So, patiently I waited and TAHDAH!

Isn't it pretty? Well, here it is again...a few days later:

Not so pretty. But by the looks of the weed's skeleton, I'll be getting a few more. In the scheme of things, what's another weed?


CAMprinc1 said...

Weeds in your mind? Hmmm pretty deep for a Monday.

I finally ordered and was sent your book. About two weeks ago I was able to sit down and do some reading.

It was a great read and very interesting story. Knowing you some, but not a lot, it was very entertaining and made me a little melancholy for the IC days.

I finished it alongside John and Vicki's pool and I was able to talk about it some with them.

I'm gearing up to order your other book, but my days of leisure are fading and once the school year starts I rarely stop to do recreational reading (sad I know).

As for the weeds of your life. Pull them fast... :D

I am P said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder! :)