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Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Pursuit of Laughter

I have every reason to be happy. A new position at the Bank. A perfect family. Healthy parents. Wonderful friends. Etc... Yet this weekend I found myself in an insufferable sour mood, wallowing in self pity. Why you ask?

(I started to divulge the reasons, then quickly deleted as I quickly became attuned to my triteness.)

So yesterday as I sat folding laundry before heading to the Fair, something happened. Something pretty wonderful, really.

I feigned a request to borrow one of Alex's skirts. Her innocent and moderately horrified reaction sent laughter through the room.

Ah, the joy of a tear-releasing belly laugh! I decided to find every opportunity to laugh again. And so I fact, it made me wonder how many times in a typical day I miss a chance to laugh. Probably too many.

So from now on, when I started to head down that path of "nobody has it worse than me" (even though I know very well it's not close to being true), I'm going find something to laugh about...

Gotta go. Jeff Dunham is on right now...

Oh, but before I sign off...the skirt I wanted to borrow...


I am P said...

The fact that you can fit into one of your 11 year old daughters skirt is reason enuf to smile :)

Rubi J said...

You should have borrowed my Jonas Brothers Concert T-Shirt.
Your 62 year old mother.

stategirl said...

I was bummed that my 11 year old looked better in the new tank top I bought just the other day. : (