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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guest Blogger: Alexandria Kramer

As some of you may know, I have just turned 12 (finally!). For my birthday I had an “Audrey Hepburn” theme. Why may you ask? I have become fascinated with Audrey and how she was such a great actress (I even wrote a speech on her). So anyway, for my birthday, all the girls and I dressed up in dresses and I made hats for everyone, which was very fun! We also rented a ’72 Black Cadillac and picked everyone up in it. Fun, right? Did I mention that my Dad was the chauffeur? Before anyone asks, no he did not where a suit no matter how much I asked. After we had picked up everyone and took like a mil-lion pictures (not really! More like 15…), we went over to the Country Club and had a “formal dinner”. Wink, wink. It included sparkling grape juice and Virgin Daiquiris! We were so noticed, that some people came in and we modeled for them! And guess who was there? Dr. Scott Markham, the doctor who delivered me (a little bit embarrassing but I got through it). After that little affair, we drove home in the Caddy, and played Catch Phrase while my Mom and Dad returned the Caddy. It took them like a gazillion years to get back so we could eat cake! Ugh! But they FINALLY got back and we ate cake and opened presents! Which I got some awesome gifts, I think… (We were all still a little woozy from the Virg… I mean Daiquiris). Anyway we had a great time! Maybe next year will be even better! NOT!

Note from Editor: The daiquiries were most certainly virgin and the reason it took Mom and Dad so long to get back is because we were visiting with Roger and Jane, whom we rented the 72 Caddy. And please note that Alex made all of the hats herself!


Rubi J said...

Happy Birthday, my beautiful granddaughter. Lovely piece.
Love you.

I am P said...

What a classy kid! Sounds like a great party! Happy Happy Bday!