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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Uh-Oh. Here We Go Again...

So when school got out I asked Cole how he planned to spend the summer.

"Watching TV and playing video games."

Wrong answer. Since I'm from the imperfect philosophy that one must constantly be involved in an activity to provide some sort of tangible good, I decided to put parameters on the kids' summer. Of course, I do this every year... (Chores, reading time, outdoor activities involving physical exercise, etc. My success rate has been fairly low, however.)

In addition, I signed Cole specifically up for baseball, in hopes to spur the same passion his dad had for the game. Well, so far, it's been a bit like pulling teeth. Oh, he likes the camaraderie and the concession stands, but his love for the game hasn't quite peaked yet.

Or, maybe the kid's passion lies somewhere else...last week my dad and Cole finished a monumental project...Cole's first homemade Chopper. They cut up one of his old bikes and voila'.

Yesterday, Dad took Cole out for some test driving (baseball helmet intact). It must have been heaven. Cole confessed last night that there's nothing he would rather do than ride his chopper, every day, all day long.

Scary. I wonder if I can talk him into playing a nice little video game.

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I am P said...

That is one COOL chopper! Maybe he can join a chopper club :)