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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Guest Blogger...Diane Stamp on Career Celebrations

My friend Diane sent this to me, so I thought I'd share...

Today—We celebrate!

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago. But it had to be!!! Twenty-five years have past! Do you realize how long that has been? A quarter of a century! A third of a life-time! Today we celebrate- 25 years in our careers - his with MidAmerican Energy and mine in the banking industry. Crazy but true! How did we get this far? Where did the years go?

I remember that day so well. I was working for Bob Boysen and Sons Elevator. I walked into the bank with a deposit and they offered me a job! And Jer- he had applied for a job at Iowa Power—one of 100 appplicants. Who would have guessed? Wo would have thought? We would both end up with new jobs- new careers- on the same day!

We both grew up with similar families – short on money, but long on love. Money was something we just didn’t have and we envied those who did. But we now realize – the true joy- the wealth of it all – was family love. And we had it all!

I remember that first day. Jerod was going on 5 and Jordanwas not quite 2. I needed a reliable source of daycare, so I inquired at our community daycare provider. Nope – no child was admitted until the age two. Well, what was I to do? Jordan would not be 2 until July 12th! After very little conversationwith the daycare director, it was decided that yes, Jordan would be accepted, and yes,thecenter would be cautious to hide the truth that we hid. Small communities—what a blessing! They wanted me to succeed as badly as I did! I had child care—Grandma and daycare- two sources that would provide a safe home away from home for my two precious sons. Life was good!

Today I look back. Wow have times changed! We had nothing! Jerry had worked two jobs, trying to put something back for our future. But that day, May 7, 1984, our lives changed forever. I remember posting our first paychecks into our check register. We had more money thanwe had ever known! It was amazing! As I starred at the checkbook, I remember thinking—what would we , could we do with the extra money! Yes, we had been blessed.

Today I look back. How many fascinating people we have met along the way! How many people have made a difference, shaping our careers and giving us encouragement for the future - Walt Doty, Paul Mitchell, Phil, Tom Whitson, Roger Claypool, Ken Woltmann, Stef Kramer,Robbie Gallinger, Kevin Campbell - to name a few. These are all people who will never be forgotten and who we will forever be grateful!

Today I look back. How many times I have become frustrated with my job. How many times have I been stressed by the pressures of a career. Once the golden girl, now the aging employee,how many times have I wondered what it would be like to have different job, a different carrer. But here I sit todayand I say ”Thank you Lord, for I have been blessed!”

It’s amazinghow time flies by and it’s amazing how things change,but some things still remain the same.We may have a nicer home, a newer car and money in the bank, but I’ve truly come to realize that a few extra coins doesn’t mean a thing. Today I am now wiser and today I celebrate. Our wealth, our joy, our pride still remains the same as it was that day way back when – May 7, 1984. For the greatest accomplishment of all is in our family, our love and the strong bond that hold us together. Today we celebrate! Thanks be to God!!!

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Stef Kramer said...

Diane, you're always the golden girl...