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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Last night I finished the final book in the Twilight series. Now I can get on with my life. Or can I? Suddenly I find myself comparing the love of my life (a.k.a. Doug) to Edward, the most perfectly romantic vampire to grace the fiction world. There's a few differences. (My friend Amy told her husband, "You really do many of the same things as Edward, but, Honey, you're just not a vampire..."

As I read the series, a few scenes made me wonder about the appropriateness of having Alex (my 11-year old girl) read the novels. (She finished the series a few weeks ago, so it was too late anyway.) Overall, though, I think the good outweighed the bad. Hopefully she has learned this: Hold out for someone who is incredibly attractive, insanely intelligent, very cultured, exerts tremendous willpower, and most of all, someone who will compose a ballad for her. Once she finds an Edward with all of these qualities and abilities, she will have my blessing.

I'm not sure she'll obtain her father's blessing though. Vampire or not.

Okay, my next few blogs will have focus on Cole. I've had some very entertaining conversations that I'll simply have to share soon. What a strange little mind he has. TTFN.

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