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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dear Cole....What Women Want

Before we had kids, my husband would say he didn’t care whether we had boys or girls, but if we had one of each, he hoped that the boy wouldn’t have an older sister. (I hope this doesn’t offend Doug’s three older sisters…) God works in mysterious ways; we were blessed with a daughter and a son, in that order. In my opinion, though, it will help Cole to understand women better. You know, make him a better man!

Yesterday, the family took a shopping trip to Oak View. This time, instead of torturing each other, we decided to split up. The girls went one way and the boys went the other. It was really kind of fun. Last night, as Doug and I were debriefing for the evening, we told me a bit of the father/son bonding time he had...After a a stop at Sears and a trip to GameStop, the boys decided to grab some ice cream at the food court. Their conversation?

Cole: "This is so weird. It’s not the end of the shopping day and I got something already. Usually I have to wait til we’re all done shopping in the girls’ stores.”

Doug: “You should probably stay home with me when the girls go shopping. It’s no fun for you.”

Cole: (Thoughtful on this point.) “That’s a tough one, Dad. If I stay home, there’s a good chance I won’t get anything at all.”

So, Cole has learned that if he is patient enough with females, he'll receive a gift eventually. (He obviously doesn't remember when we buy clothes for him during our trips.)
The other night, we were having a conversation about baseball, since Cole is signed up to play in the “minors” this year. Cole asked his Dad how many baseball trophies he had. I decided to answer for Doug (his mouth must have been full?). “Dad had a nice big trophy in the old house -- an MVP for some tournament. But I think I broke it when I was dusting one day.”

Doug clarified, “Actually, I had lots of baseball trophies.”

Cole looked at Doug with the wonder a son holds for his father, “Really?? What happened to them?" Then Cole was quiet a moment and asked him quietly, "Did Mom break those too?”

Women. We're either shopping or breaking trophies. What'a boy to do?

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I am P said...

Cute! What clever little man!