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Sunday, February 22, 2009

On Love and Vampires, Villains and Friends

So, after the urging of my daughter and my own curiosity over the vampire infatuation, I plunged into Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. As predicted, I’m completely engrossed in the tale of Edward and Bella as I await the delivery of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Doug asked me what Twilight is all about.

“It’s about a vampire who falls in love with someone whom he greatly desires to kill.”

“That pretty much sums it up for all men.”

Hmm. That’s why I like to obtain perspectives of others. Apparently, I haven’t looked at the vampire metaphor from all angles.

Then, as we were watching The Dark Knight for the 53rd time since Christmas, I asked Doug if he would turn evil and avenge my death, like Harvey Dent. Without hesitation, my sweet hubby said, “Of course.”

I wonder though.

Fantasy is good. It reminds me how magical reality is. Seriously. I told my husband the other day (after reading New Moon) how lucky I am to be married to the same person I fell in love with nearly 18 years ago. He, of course, was suspicious because it’s not something I say everyday. But I should.

In other news…Cole seems to be recovered from the flu (hallelujah)...Grease was awesome. How fun it was to experience one of my childhood infatuations with Alex...Flash is still alive, despite his escape due to my own negligence. He showed up in the bathroom, staring at me as I dried my hair... I’m relishing in a headache as a result from a bottle of wine shared with one of my best friends last night. But it is one of those few headaches without regret – we laughed a lot as we sat on the couch and whispered about lots of stuff we never have time to discuss. It reminded me of those nights, long ago, when our youthful spirits stayed up late and giggled ourselves to sleep. Another thing I should do more.

Here's a picture of Lyn and me, as Velma and Ginger of course.

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