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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lenten Sacrifice and Giving

My little Cole. I'm sure glad he attends a Catholic School.

Last night, as he clutched his tummy in pain, complaining about the daunting fast for Ash Wednesday and consequently, his lack of meat for the day, I reminded him what Jesus did for us.

Cole stood up, eyes wide, (apparently no more hunger pains) and began to describe the scene at Golgotha. It was a pretty bloody depiction. “Blood was squirting EVERYWHERE!” And on and on, my sweet little boy went.

So much for my lesson on sacrifice. At least the crucifixion got his mind off his hungry belly…

The Catholic School has embarked on a very worthwhile mission during Lent called Kids Against Hunger. Both Alex and Cole have little jars in the kitchen where they deposit coins. Both saw the same presentation on the hunger program. Alex was obviously more affected than Cole. She immediately went through her change and deposited over $6 in coins. I was quite proud of her. As for Cole? He has nothing to give, so he said. (I know he’s lying. The Tooth Fairy just came last weekend and she was VERY generous.)

Sigh. At what age do they learn that giving and sacrificing is often a gift in and of itself? Alex seems to get it. But she has been a sweetie pie (despite spoiled) ever since I can remember. Again, sigh. Will Cole ever get it? Or will he always be the center of his universe. Just as soon as I see signs of a turnaround, I'll let you know.

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