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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Single Resolution

I haven't posted any blogs for awhile, despite the incredible amount of material that flashes before me everyday. No, I'm not sick or even too busy. The truth is that laziness has overcome me. Nervous energy has evaporated. A fidgety mind has been laid to rest. My physical drive dutiful performs necessary tasks to function, but not much more.

Seriously. I've spent more time laying on the couch, leisurely glancing at periodicals, reading books, dabbling with my writer's pen, playing board games with the kids, and even watching TV. It's been heaven.

For the past week, in one of those 'staring into space' moments, my brain has toyed with a few New Year's Resolutions. Eat healthy? Too prosaic. Exercise more? I get my thirty minutes a day in, usually. Get organized? Yeah right. Read more? Not bad, but it's still the same ole, same ole.

Then, in church today, it came to me. Be lazier. Perhaps the Holy Spirit or some saint whispered it in my ear. No matter, it just might be the best resolution in my 39 1/2 years! I'm really excited about starting on this one. I imagine my "to do" list will look something like this:

1. Glance over the Wall Street Journal. Skip all business-related articles.
2. Read.
3. Watch Oprah -- be careful not to become too motivated.
4. Write about anything that flutters through my mind.
5. Read some more.
6. Flip through my Lucky magazine. Pick out clothes I want but can't afford.
7. Visit with my kids about The Dark Knight or vampires.
8. Watch any movie with Doug, even if we've seen it 500 times.
9. Read some more.

It might not be easy to fit all this idleness in, but I'm willing to give it my best shot. There's some wash to do, so I think I'll cozy up on the couch and read.

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