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Monday, December 8, 2008


We just got back from what I consider the coolest city in the nation, possibly the world. On the plane ride home, I wrote a few thoughts. Somehow the time in the airport made me very contemplative, so I'm going to post those thoughts on my other blog. (Read. Write.Share.) But for this one, here are a few random currents floating through my brain...

1. The conversation with our shuttle driver didn't quite go as I had imagined. Before we landed in LaGuardia, I played out the conversation in my head. "So, where you folks from? Iowa! Oh, yeah? What brings you to NYC? So, you're a writer huh? I happen to drive for a publisher! Well, let me give you a few tips about New York." Of course, the driver in my head spoke with a wonderful Brooklyn accent, similar to Vinnie Barbarino. The real conversation went something like this. "What's the address of your hotel?"
2. FIFTH AVENUE!!! In the words of Alex, OMG. The richly adorned street was breathtaking (not because of the cold) with its Christmas window displays, sparkling lights and ice sculptures. (Not to mention the unaffordable merchandise.) Luckily I had to pee really badly right in front of Saks. The restroom was located on the 5th floor. In the elevator ride I noticed the designer shoe department was on the 8th floor. My gracious husband allowed me to view, even touch, the Prada and Jimmy Choos before taking the escalator all the way down to the ground floor. This is how I got to tour the sublime department store. While the visit only lasted approximately twenty minutes, it felt almost, well, spiritual. I'm not kidding. That's probably why St. Patrick's Cathedral is across the street.

3. Rockefeller Center -- didn't make the Today Show. Doug and I didn't see eye-to-eye on that issue. But the Top of the Rock was wonderfully romantic, even with all the school kids asking us to take their pictures.

4. I loved the production of Chicago. Next time I sit by a 104 year-old man, I'll give him a few packs of breath mints.

5. We didn't see ONE famous person. Not one. We don't think they really live there.

6. The tours were very worthwhile -- especially when the guide wasn't chewing our ass or was understandable. (We picked up a lot of half-histories about stuff.)

7. The Statue of Liberty really is smaller than you think it will be. But it doesn't take away its significance.

8. We got ID'd! It had to be the stocking caps. I'm going to buy a bunch of new stocking caps and never take them off.

I could go on and on and on, but I'll end with this. The best part of the four days was our welcome home greeting. We're not sure if they have ever hugged as that much -- and that was after the grandparents showered them with attention and gifts...

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