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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bad Santa?

Do you remember Clark Griswold's cute, poor little niece on Christmas vacation? The one who doesn't "get shit" from Santa every year? Apparently she and my Cole share the same doomed fate.

As the kids got to spend a late afternoon at the bank one day, Penny (our famous receptionist) asked Cole if Santa was coming this year. His response, "Well, Santa never really gets me what I want anyway." Despite past Christmas's that included scooters, a new bike, endless Spiderman toys, five thousand light sabers, and even a WII, ole' St. Nick just hasn't been cutting it. No wonder he's been throwing caution to the wind and incessantly displaying bouts of poutiness and anger. I guess he's trying a new psychology on Santa.

Anyway, Cole went on to explain to Penny that it's "his sister who always gets him what he wants." Last year she got him the Ben Ten alien force watch (approximatley $10). The year before she got him the voice-changing Darth Vader mask (approximately $10).

So that day I heard that Alex threatened Cole that she wouldn't get him a present. Cole was greatly disturbed. When she told him she was just kidding, he was still upset. "Alex? Why would you want to make me so sad?"

No wonder my "You better not pout or Santa won't bring anything" comments are like talking to the wall. Not anymore.

Guess what Cole? Alex is making a list and she's checking it twice...

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