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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Joy Gone Amiss

One of the greatest joys of motherhood I have found, as my daughter inches her way toward teenhood, is to embarrass her by putting on my 'cool-hip' mom act. It's most entertaining if her friends are around. To be a cool-hip mom, simply try a few of these tactics:

1. Make known your opinion of any Disney star such as Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato or The Jonas Brothers. Don't forget to mention which boys you think are the cutest.
2. Sing loudly to pop songs on the radio. Rihanna or Leona Lewis songs work well, but any pop star will do.
3. Use terminology such as bling or OMG. (I wasn't even trying to embarrass Alex when I told her I liked the hat with more bling. "Uh, Mom. Don't say that. Bling. It sounds, well, like you're trying to be young.")
4. Explain to your daughter's friends that you're more of a 'BFF' than a mother. (This is my personal favorite. The mortified look on her face is priceless.)

But be careful not to overdo, as I have done. I'm currently doing my best not to embarrass the little tween, since this joy of mine has somewhat backfired. The other day as Alex and I were in the car she starts a conversation like this:

"Mom! Hannah tells her mom everything!"

I'm wondering why she is so surprised.

"Yeah, so? Like you tell me, right?"

"NO! I mean she, like, tells her which boys at school she thinks are cute."

"You mean, you DO think some boys are cute? And you don't tell me? Even though I ask and ask?"

"No way! You'll tell everyone. I know you. You'll tell Amy. Or blog about it."

But I wouldn't tell that! I know the girls' code of honor on sharing cute boy secrets. But how would she know that? I blab about anything that vaguely entertains me.

But not anymore. I'm vowing, in order to strengthen my relationship with my daughter, to only tell embarrassing stories about Cole. At least until I find out what boy she likes at school.

(Just kidding, Alex!!)

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