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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gearing up for Halloween, in July

If your household is anything like our household, you discuss Halloween costumes at least twice a week. Unless, of course it’s September or October. Then we discuss costumes a few times a day. As we edge toward August, costume discussions are becoming more frequent.

Alex seems to be going through a latent princess stage of sorts. I could barely get her to dress in frilly costumes when she was a little girl. She preferred Blue from Blue’s Clue, Simba the Lion King, or scary witch people. The one time I convinced her to be a princess, she demanded an ugly princess costume from Wal-Mart. She looked more like a peasant than a princess. But now, she wants to look pretty again. Last year we ordered a costume through the Internet. I was a little embarrassed to receive the angel/devil costume at work. The package came from a company called “Hotsy-Totsy”.

Anyway, I divert from my cute story. Last night, Alex informed us that she and her friends were going as old movie stars and she was going to be Audrey Hepburn. Doug asked, “why not Marilyn Monroe?” Alex explained that Lexi already called that one. But they were unsure about other old movie stars for Mikayla and Maggie.(I’m not even sure if Lexi and Alex have discussed this idea with their other two Halloween buddies.)As we were all contemplating other old movie stars, the solution came out of Cole’s mouth.

“How about Mary Poppins?”

Perfect! Audrey, Marilyn and Mary Poppins. I couldn’t think of a better fit. Now, who will be the fourth Hollywood movie star? Maybe Phyllis Diller? It would certainly be humorous.

So we'll see what the four girls come up with. As for Cole's pick? Well, he takes costume-hunting to a completely different level. Much more to come on this...

Sidenote: Doug and I have decided to go as the Orkin bug people. You know, like the ones on the commercials? So, if you know anyone that has a really good bug costume…

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CAMprinc1 said...

LOL. Nice trio of old movie stars. I think you have it all covered.

My son wants to go as Food Network star "Duff" Goldman from "ACE OF CAKES". Despite his affinity for the food network, he really is quite a boy's boy.

Halie, I'm not sure about...she changes her mind every other minute.

Personally, I haven't dressed up for Halloween since the college days. I'm usually doing something on that night and I guess Anita doesn't have as many parents as Harlan participating.

We do have a costume judging contest at the fire-station afterwards.