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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breakthrough For the Finicky Eaters!

It’s a breakthrough discovery in the Kramer household! Do you have a child who wants nothing but hamburgers and pizza? Let me tell you about a technique called “melted butter”.

Years ago, I stopped asking my family what they wanted for dinner. Now I just start preparing. If they ask what I’m making, I simply respond, “something wonderful, like always”. Their response? Only apprehensive expressions.

A few nights ago, I grilled catfish fillets, steamed cheesy cauliflower and made rice. The meal was quite…yellowish. The plate didn’t look near as French as I intended.

“Mom? What do we dip it in?”

“Dip? Um. Well. Hey! How about some butter?”

I melted butter and gave everyone a dish of their own for dipping. The results?

“Mom! This is awesome! Can we have fish every night?”

Of course, everything on the plate (except the rice) was being fully-immersed in the melted butter. Cole held his food in the butter for at least ten seconds. But who cares? Voila! I finally hit a homerun on the meal front. And such a simple solution – melted butter!

So, when Cole complained about the tator-tot casserole I’m making tonight, I simply responded. “You can dip it in butter!” He shrugged and said, “OK!”

But one bite into that cheesy, tator totty, hamburgy dish, I don’t think he’ll even remember the melted butter condiment! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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