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Sunday, June 22, 2008

And Peace Be With You!

Let me preface this posting by saying I have a very happy marriage. There is no doubt that fate brought us together. (See our picture?)With that being said...

I'm annoying the hell out of my husband this weekend. It's really out of the best intentions. You see, I just read the Seven Spiritual Laws to Success by the guru Deepak Chopra (yes the one Mike Myer parodies in his new movie), and I have found this new inner peace! So, I'm trying transfer some of my enlightenment on to Doug. But it just seems to be pissing him off.

He was given some upsetting news yesterday. It's not health-related, but without going into a lot of detail, he is understandly upset by something involving his farming operation. So, with my newly-found state of calm, I've been trying to help him.

"Let it go, Hon. It doesn't matter in the scheme of things."

"Easy for you to say. What about all of those years I spent working on this."

Hmm. "Maybe there's a reason. You know the law of Kharma... And eventally what you sow is what you'll reap."

He gives me a look like "obviously you don't understand".

Later enroute to a ball game, I actually get my Deepak Chopra book and start reading a few passages. Perhaps if I read the words verbatim, it will be more effective.

Again, no reaction. He turns up the radio.

So, as the day goes by, and I feel negativity consume his essence, I try a few more tactics.

I gently grab his arm, "Hey, it 's okay. It's just a softball game."

He turns to talk to someone else.

Then I try getting a little more in his face. "You're kind of a 'glass is half-empty' guy today, aren't you?"

He looks at me like, "no shit".

So, here I am on Sunday morning trying to brainstorm ways to make Doug happy while he sleeps.


What makes every male happy? I better go back to bed. :)


Stef Kramer said...

While issue is obviously not "resolved", the attitude seems much improved.

shaz said...

aww, poor guy.

i love the end of your post!!!