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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Mom's Job is Never Done. Hallelujah!

Last night after a tough night at soccer practice, Cole came home a bit crabby–unusual for the typically happy kid. So, I put on the mom-motivational hat, giving him the pep talk about staying positive, working hard, encouraging your teammates even when you're night isn't going so well, and so on...Who knows how much of it sunk in? It's a bit difficult to tell through glazed eyes. I'm sure he wasn't bored with my profound thoughts. I'm assuming his lack of response was from being too hot and tired. Right?

Then, after falling asleep, I got a text at midnight. My daughter had a horrible headache. As a migraine sufferer, my fear has been that either of my kids will inherit that insufferable affliction. So I texted her all sorts of advice: drink lots of water, take ibuprofen (with crackers), tie an ice cold rag around your head, give yourself a sinus massage, and so on. After we quit texting, I wondered if I should've sent her to the ER!

Instead of waking up refreshed, I woke up worried. Was Alex okay? Was Cole still discouraged?
A rare pic with me and the kids: the Princess and the Pooh.

I'm happy to report that both are fine. Cole hung with friends all day and Alex made it to her summer job. Here's the funny thing. Just as I'm starting to feel irrelevant as my place as a mom, BOOM! I'm needed again: advising a dispirited kid, being awakened in the middle of the night by a sick daughter. Not that I felt happy about either of their situations, but I was there for them. I have been trying to convince Doug we need to adopt some 5-year-olds, but maybe we're good. Maybe we still do serve a purpose.

Tonight, I'm sitting at home by myself watching old episodes of Glee. It's a good way to keep occupied as I stay on guard, at my post, until my kids need me again. Although, I wouldn't mind having someone besides my dog to watch these fantastic musical routines with...Duh! Maybe I should call my mom.

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