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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Guest Blogger: Diane Stamp, Pure Enthusiast

Whenever I'm having a stressful day at work, there's one person I can call for lunch or even a quick chat and suddenly, my perspective has changed. I will be deeply sad next year when my friend of 19 years retires. We began at the Shelby County State Bank the same year, and I can't quite imagine my work life without Diane Stamp. However, I'm truly happy for the girl who hasn't stopped dreaming or creating goals for herself. Just last week, she made her debut as a public speaker–her post-retirement venture. As one of the most inspirational people I know, I asked if she'd offer a few thoughts on my blog.

Please welcome, Diane Stamp:

What are you passionate about?   Wow!  What a question!  Well, there’s so much in life to be passionate about, but right now at this stage in my life, I’m all about having a good time with my family and friends.  I love having lunch with a friend, shopping with a bargain hunting buddy, sipping a drink before dinner with my hubby, or reading books and sharing giggles with my grand-daughters.  
Did I say grand-daughters?  Oh yeah – they are not just my passion, they are my life!  Like any other grandmother, I am not ashamed to say that MINE are the best!  My little Joslyn (age 9) and Maggie (age 4 ½) are such a blessing to me.  After having two brothers and two sons, you can only imagine the joy I have for these two little girls!
Can I share a quick story?  Way back when Joslyn was about 18 months old, I made the mistake of telling her that Grandma did not like crabby girls.  Well- that just opened the door for a grandma that had no particular name until then.  After she saw how I hooted and howled when she called my hubby “cobby poppo”, she decided that since I enjoyed that so much, she would make it MY name.  So--- for the last 7 ½ years I have lovingly been called, “cobby gammo” which graduated into “crabby grandma” 
Now – move forward to just last week.  My little Maggie has been so confused.  “Gramma”, she said.  “Why are you “crabby grandma?  You’re not crabby!”  
Finally!  A child who agrees with me!  So her mother suggested that she choose a name more fitting.  So little Maggie thinks a bit and then spouts out, “Gramma Kitty Farts!”  OMG!  I haven’t decided yet if “Gramma Kitty Farts” is an improvement or not!!  Where did these kids come from??? 

What are your current career plans?  RETIREMENT!!  My plans are to retire at the end of February.  I’m excited to explore other ventures and my hope is to get into motivational speaking.  I spoke at the Shelby County Women’s Conference and I totally loved it!  So if you are looking for a speaker for a meeting or an event, please give me a call.

How did you decide to pursue this path?  After being a banker for over 30 years, I feel like now is my time to walk down the path of spontaneous adventure.  I have hired many speakers in the past and they always seemed to be so free spirited and such good story tellers.  Many times, as I sat and listened, I thought, “I could do that.”  So now’s the time!  It’s now or never!

What advice would you give others about achieving their dreams?  Well, first of all LIVE FOR TODAY!  Don’t let one slip by without being thankful for what you have and without dreaming about what you want.  Dream and dream big!!!
PS – another piece of advice for those who are soon to become first time grandmothers-
When your kids ask you what you want to be called as a grandparent, do not say that your grandchild will figure it out on their own!!!!  
Anything else?  Yes.  It’s a busy life.  We all know that, but if you have the support of your family and friends, you have it all!  Thanks Jerry, Jerod, Jordan and of course my mom for being my rock then, now and forever!

Thanks Diane for your humor and inspiration! And best of luck on your new, second career. While you'll be a loss to the bank, you'll be a gift to your new audiences!

Maggie, Jocelyn and...Crabby Grandma? Or Kitty Farts?

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