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Monday, August 10, 2015

Bird Brain and Nest Theory

So the other day I went to throw the towels in the dryer. But when I looked in the washing machine, there wasn't one single piece of fabric to be fluffed. I had ran the cycle, but forgot to add the soiled linens. And I had just been discussing (boasting really) on our frugal use of detergent. Never mind I just wasted a whole bunch of water.

Yeah. I'm scattered lately.

Every night in bed, I catch myself just before falling asleep, heart palpitating. Sometimes I get up and start walking around for no apparent reason. My husband asks me what I'm doing. I usually don't know.

I'm forgetting something! Something important! Something more than a load of laundry. I just don't know what it is.

Alex starts college next week.

We went on a girls' shopping trip yesterday. My plan was to leave her some profound, imparting wisdom. But I just blanked. I couldn't come up with anything she doesn't already know.

Get rest.
Be involved.
Know your limits.
Brush your teeth. No, I did not say that. But I will.

She told me her godmother stopped by the other day and gave her great advice on handling herself at parties. Thank god for godmothers. I forgot that she might get invited to a party.

Alright. Enough. The girl is ready. She's beautiful, brilliant and ready to soar....I think her mama will be just fine as long as her soaring routes her back home once in a while.
Ready to Take on World.
Good Lord. This really is going to happen. She really is going to college. It hasn't seemed real. And now we're packing and Cole has dibs on the bed.

At this point, I feel my best use is quit doing laundry and admire photos of my daughter. And of course, thank God for my blessings.


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Sandra Ronfeldt said...

You're entering another fun era of motherhood. Enjoy. Love you both with all my heart.