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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Costume Break

Last Saturday night Doug and I were ripped from our normal routine of veg’ing in front of the tube, arguing over what movie to watch before SNL hit the airwaves. We didn't have to discuss whether a particular comedy was too bawdy for our children to watch because...we had an actual social engagement–my annual bank party. Alex was so excited for her parents to be gone. "Don't come home before midnight, ok?" Um, well, that was a bit of a tall order, but we gave it the old college try. Well, maybe not quite a college try. Midnight is pretty late for us.

The company event was fun, albeit short since we arrived in our typical late fashion from an all-day soccer tournament. At least we got to experience the perfunctory matters where I received my award for fifteen years of service. Woo hoo. (Yep, I'm that old.) Oh, and did I mention it was a costume party? 

Now, our family loves the ghoulish holiday anyway. We've actually been planning a Halloween party for YEARS! Decorations and party favors have been firmly planted away since, like, 2009. Doug and I just keep purchasing quaint party favors for this event we never host. So, attending the costume party, with people who sincerely endorse the spirit of Halloween was, well, a treat in its own accord. Marilyn Monroe, Abba, Lucille Ball with Rickie, Barbie with GI Joe. You never too old to pretend. Speaking of, the theme was "dress your age." You could choose to dress up like someone or a trend that reflected your age. I dressed as Buzz Aldrin, since I came about circa 1969. I wanted Doug to dress as Andy Warhol, but he just wouldn't do it since he had no idea who the guy was...really! Instead he attempted the hippie gig. With Doug's buzzed haircut, he looked more like a Vietnam veteran making a very sad attempt to pass for a flower child.

Luckily we didn't have to cut our night short despite the bank party closing dismally early. A few of us trekked to "The Lounge" where creativity abounded. I asked Doug who he thought would win best costume. He favored the sexy leprechaun, the sexy nun, Little Red Riding hood. You get the picture. But I liked the more unique ensembles. Nacho Libre, Beetlejuice. I even enjoyed a few particularly well-done Grim Reapers.

We hadn't been to the bar in ages. And it was fun to socialize with people other than our kids. For once. But the Lounge, you see, has a gigantic theater-sized TV screen. And despite the fact that we didn't have to watch TV on Saturday night, guess what Doug and I found ourselves doing? Watching that big old screen.

Pathetic? Maybe.

But just listen. They were playing VIDEOS! And we're Gen Xers. We don't ever get to see videos on MTV anymore. And we want our MTV.  Apparently. I was so inspired that last night I decided to rent Rock of Ages–the musical set the year we graduated (1987). And it was like watching a two hour video. Even the kids enjoyed the little blast from the past. (Admittedly, I was wishing for Mary J Blige to sing a little more...)

 Masquerades. Nostalgia. What's going on with us? Maybe we need a vacation. Or, maybe the calendar just needs to flip to November 7 so we can all get on with our lives and have something beyond politics to talk about. 

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