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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Year of Happy

Despite the new year and the fabulous January weather in Iowa, it seems I've been surrounded by a wave of negative vibes lately. I just don't get it. Take yesterday. A friend of mine told me she was tired of coming to work every day and saying good morning to coworkers who only acknowledged her with glum expressions. So, she was going to quit offering her chipper address. Sad. Very sad. So, you know what I've decided to do? Make a point to give EVERYONE a joyful salutation. No matter how many times they choose to ignore me. Because I've been blown off quite a bit in my life time too. (Not all of us are morning people...or afternoon people...or evening people...) But I think we gotta keep making an effort to tell people they matter to us–no matter what their disposition.

Too many people love to play the victim. Myself included. Here's a very trite example. When is Doug EVER going to hang that NYC picture he gave me for Christmas TWO years ago? Darn him. Well, the other day a voice entered my head and said, "Do it yourself." (It was literally my husband's voice.) But he was right. When I dug into the project and lifted the two pound picture with its easy hanger, it actually was quite simple. And you know something else? I felt accomplished! Now, I'm thinking of other home projects I can do. Like an IKEA bookshelf to span the basement. Too ambitious? It is the new year.

I'm reading a book right now about the 1994 Rwanda civil war when the atrocious genocides took place. It certainly makes every complaint I hear seem trivial. And while it makes me feel a great sadness for all the travesties that occur (and have occurred) in the world, I feel a great happiness for my life.

For 2012, my resolutions take a semblance to marketing ploys:

Say a Dodge Neon.
Just do some tennis shoes.
Don't worry, be Bobby McFerrin. Now you can sing that song in your head all day.

Happy Batgirl
You're welcome.

Cole loving the world.

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Rubi J said...

Remember the Rubi J' slogan:
"Embracing What Matters"
Love you.