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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Neat Gene

I believe medical facts indicate if both parents have allergies, their children will have a 70% chance of having allergies as well. I ponder this statistic every time I venture into the basement which has been designated as our kids' living space. And wonder if the disastrous area should be, in fact, condemned.

So, instead of blowing a gasket over our kids' penchant for piles and inability to see curdled milk, I give them the benefit of this genetics theory. "Fastidious" would not be a descriptor of neither me nor my hubby. (Who has time to be tidy when there are so many things to do? And now so many episodes of The Big Bang Theory to watch?) But our kids do take slovenly to an entirely new level. I'm not sure what to make of it. Oh yeah, that's right. They
typical part of messy room

I thought perhaps when my tots grew older the messes would dwindle. Less poop. Less spilled milk. As it turns out, the messes just become more potent. Bigger. Stickier. Smellier. Often more destruction depending on the particular project.

However. I wouldn't admit this to either of the kids, but they do seem pretty happy when they are in their clutter-filled world. So maybe I should let them keep making those messes. I hope they don't read this post.

They can sure clean up a dessert dish though...

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