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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Note from the Teacher

I love getting emails like this -


                I hope everything is going well.  Yesterday, Cole had a really good day.  He was very creative.  While the students were working on their Fire Prevention Posters, I was letting them listen to music.  Cole asked to listen to TickTock by Kesha(spelling?).  I told him we couldn’t play that at school and he goes it’s okay I can sing it.  He started free-styling for the class.  It was one of those moments that you would be proud of your son. J


Yes, Cole's teacher is fresh out of college. And her creative spirit is delightful. (I'm just trying to imagine ANY of my grade school teachers allowing us to get up and moonwalk or breakdance.) Anyway, someone told me that my last blog post was tilted toward the negative. So, I thought I'd do an about face and focus on the positive aspects of the up and coming generation. I love love LOVE how imagination and entrepreneurialism seems to dominate the attitudes of our youth. It could take us to infinite heights someday. No one should have to clean toilets by hand. Someone will have revolutionized laundry (again.) And most importantly, no one in the world will be starving.  Let's hope. In the meantime. I'll listen to my son hip hop. (Even though his sister might cringe.)

Can you find the sister?

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