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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Power of a Picture

So I'm doing my morning stretches (something close to yoga), and I notice a tree frog on our window! Of course it delights me, so I grab the camera to snap a shot. But it is a clever hopper, and it foots away quickly.  However, as I glance out the window, the sunrise catches my attention. So, of course, I realize the frog led me here for a reason. (Very soon this blog post will begin to sound like the children's tale "If you give a pig a pancake...")

And as I scroll through the pics to find the photos to add to this blog, I find myself overwhelmed by the happy events on this little device we know as the Kodak. Gourmet cupcakes of my daughter's making. King Cole the 8th on a typical imaginative day. Another  (perhaps the same) tree frog playing elusive games on our deck. Percy, the dog, to the nth degree. Flowers (even though I was a bit perturbed with my daughter's use of camera without approval, the artistry is impressive.)

The other day, my work week took a morale boost when my friend Janet sent an email of a pic of Cole as a baby. The power of a photo. I knew he was cute...Wait! I have completed gotten off track and hardly have enough room for the original sunrise photo. Oh, well. You've all seen a sunrise, right? If not, see blog header. And if you give a pig a pancake...

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