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Sunday, May 29, 2011

No More Tears?

My typical maudlin pose had gone on sabbatical.

"Seriously? You didn't cry at Alex's 8th grade graduation?" my friend asked me.

I was a bit baffled by the experience of not crying a watershed of tears myself. I mean, my eldest enters high school next year. And I'm the girl who cries over dead opossums on the side of the road...literally. So, what was with this new, dispassionate me? Has my Germanic-stoic of a husband rubbed off more than I had realized? At first I wondered. But then I analyzed the situation. There was simply too much to worry about during the graduation ceremony for me to cry. My concerns:

  1. Would Alex be recognized for her academic excellence?
  2. Could she perform her guitar for the choir without any major discord?
  3. Lastly, would she be able to walk across the stage in those heels?
As it turned out, my prayers were answered. I'm extremely proud to report that she marched across that stage without falling on her face. And she was quite lovely.

Last night our family sat around the campfire and listened to Alex play her guitar.  My heart swelled. Tears assembled on the rims of my eyes. It was nice to feel my old sappy, self back again.
Alex and her Best Buds' Heels
Alex and her cousins, Mikayla and Mitch!

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