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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cousins, Kitties and Long Lost Uncles

April, Alicia, me and my band of kitties.
Say what you want about Facebook, but you wouldn't be smiling at these cutie patooties attempting to hold captive a litter of gangly kittens circa 1978...(I believe those cats were the Christmas gift that kept on giving.)

No, it's not just a forum to document one's journey to the powder room or grocery store, as the naysayers will be the first to point out. It's about connecting. And as I've been shut in my house for the past...seemingly several years now, it's nice to hear that Johnny went to the movies the other day. Good for him.

Actually, for anyone who is promoting a business, FB is invaluable. But that's a no brainer. I simply felt compelled to note that I haven't seen or talked to my Uncle Dwayne in a really long time. And as I lay recovering from surgery, he's been posting all these old photos to FB - totally brightening my spirits!  Thanks Uncle DJ.

Before my Uncle Stewy passed, I was thankful that I was able to connect with him again. Via FB. I remember exactly when we connected. Thank God. When Mark Zuckerburg came up with the idea, I wonder if he envisioned any of these long, lost implications. Either way, who can deny the goodness?

Heck, my Dad's even on Facebook now. So I'm thinking whatever void that may exist in our father-daughter relationship, will be healed on the social network. Gotta go. Gonna check my FB page. See if Dad's got any messages for me. Or if there are any new photos...

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Rubi J said...

You know we would never be able to convince Uncle Curt to try FB. Thank heaven he lives close by us.