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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thoughts after first day of vaca:

-Direct flights are sublime. Feeling slightly superior than those poor souls who must connect through Dallas.

-While I was slightly charmed that my hubby beat me at the addicting word scramble games while biding our time on the plane, I sort of wanted to thrash him on the head with the Kindle. C'mon! I'm supposed to be the brains. He's supposed to be the brawn.

-Will I ever ever ever ever ever grow sick of Mcdonalds? Me thinks... only if they discontinue their fries.

-Did you know that it's a faux pas to use the term "befriend" when considering such matters like Facebook. Apparently, I need to train my brain to think of friending as a verb. If I want to sound cool anyway.

-Our family travel habits have become uncannily blended. I eat a ton more meat, and Doug has already started planning our next trip (a definite role reversal). Alex has picked up Cole's tendency to "want stuff". And Cole has picked up Alex's penchant for...wanting stuff. Quite the role reversal there as well.

Off to our first full day of roller coasters, sugar highs, a few beers (hopefully), probably a headache and certainly loads of laughs.

TTFN (Tigger-ease for Ta Ta for now)

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