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Monday, February 21, 2011

Earth to Alex

Ways I connect with my 13 year old daughter:

  • Watch Glee. Despite a few scenes that make me blush (am I that old...or just that prudish?), the music completely bedazzles me.
  • Watch American Idol. Never will I tire of this show. I'm starting to think they could make Dan Rather a judge and I'd still like it.
  • Watch Food Network. What will we watch now that Worst Cooks in America is over? Doesn't matter! I simply relish in the opportunity for my very own offspring to educate me on food items such as "polenta" and "arugula."
  • Read Alex's book recommendations...such as "Five Flavors of Dumb." AHA -a break from the tube (a.k.a. flatscreen for any possible youth reading this). But I won't deny my disappointment that she's not holding up her end of the deal. "I'll read this if you read that!" She hasn't even pretended to pick up The Help...How could she not be interested in a book about the racial injustice of the 1960's? Oh, but she will as soon as she realizes that Emma Stone is playing the lead in the movie...
And if all else fails, I open on my laptop to converse with her on Facebook while she's...somewhere in the house. (She gets a real kick out of that.) Next time I'll post on her wall, "Hey Al. Have you started reading The Help yet??? Love ya!"

PS - she doesn't respond to my texts! Not sure what I'm doing wrong because she certainly seems to like texting. Could it be I don't speak text well enough?

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MOMMM!! i don't like this picture!! for anyone who reads this, i don't really look that terrible all the time!! just sayin'...