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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dog Boy Wonder!

Cole and Percy. Percy and Cole. Do they share the same soul? I wonder.

Last night, after coming off a gruesome day of fighting head pains, I decided to force down a piece of cinnamon toast. No sooner did I sprinkle the sugar on my bread when I heard a little voice say, "Cinnamon toast sounds good!" And when I turned around with toast in hand, here's what I saw:
My two beggars...

Consider the parallels-
  • When we go walking, both Cole and Percy are the pacesetters. Neither dawdle. Except for the occasional bladder break to mark some territory (not just talking about the dog) and the occasional distraction of a kitten or bird in the ditch. Admittedly, Cole uses much more discretion during our nature walks. No need to hold him back on the leash.
  • There's the hygiene issue. Both seem to have a distaste for bathing and hair-brushing. Both have similar repulsive reactions when I go after them with either a brush or a nail clipper.
  • Obviously,their extreme penchant for meat isn't completely uncanny; however, Cole was tempted by some of Percy's meat snacks. I'm hoping Cole didn't sneak any behind my back. He begged me, but I refused.
But the most striking similarity between Cole and Percy is their love of life and their love of people. Yesterday, as I lay on the couch clutching my head in my hands, Percy hopped up several times to check on me, slathering me in puppy kisses. Then later, as we winded down the evening, Cole told me that he saw a lady at church who had cancer. He felt sorry for her, so he prayed that she would get better. While it makes me weepy to type this, I feel quite proud of my son for being so caring. The "lady" with cancer just happens to be a friend of ours.

I love Cole's super "puppy" traits; fast, loyal, doesn't worry about unimportant details (like hygiene?) and, the most (all) important trait - his loving nature. 

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