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Thursday, October 14, 2010

And They Call It Puppy Love!

I had been feeling a bit blue - for no one particular reason. Sinus headaches. An absent husband harvesting his crop. The continual hectic pace that keeps the house  messy, messy, messy. (And perhaps I had become too ponderous about the Women's Movement of the 19th Century? See blog post below.)  Yes - I fully realize these are all pathetic excuses for a sour mood given that I wasn't trapped in a mine shaft for 69 days. (Stay with me though.) But then something happened.

I fell in love.

He's completely charming; although, I must confess, he's much younger. (Please don't excuse me of being a cougar, or you might very well scare him away.) He's almost timid - perhaps he's been hurt before? Oh,  there's something irrevocably enduring about his warm, chestnut eyes! They make my heart melt. They make all of our hearts melt at the Kramer household (even our Germanic stoical patriarch). Meet Perseus Jackson Kramer, a.k.a. Percy. (Yes, named after the infamous demi-God.)

Percy -next duty, winning over the cats...

A long time ago I would never miss reading this very average comic strip (can't even remember the name). And one day it nailed the utility of a dog as companion. The girl (name??) had come home from a crappy day. And as her dog (name??) sat licking her face, she looked him in the eye and (with comic strip bubble dangling above her head) she stated to her faithful dog, "YOU know how to ruin a perfectly awful day."

Percy - YOU also have broken a perfectly crabby mood. Thanks, Buddy.

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