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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Have you ever been in the middle of something completely awesome and then you get interrupted? And you keep getting interrupted over and over again? And it seems the universe is teasing, always teasing you with this completely awesome thing that you want to finish?

No, I'm not talking of cheesecake or that maple blondie brownie dessert from Applebe's. I'm simply talking about a book. A really good book. A book I've been waiting to read since, like, February, I think. It's the third installment of Suzanne Collin's Hunger Games called Mockingjay.

So far, my hindrances include:

  1. The "pre-order" that didn't arrive until two days after the book was released. What the _*$? Is UPS mad at me or something?
  2. Trimming trees becoming a priority for my in-laws. 
  3. The birthday party that I planned for my son landed on the day that the book arrived.
  4. My conniving daughter who devised a rotating daily schedule. She gets it one day - me the next and so on. (Who convinced her to read these books anyway?)
  5. The sinus infection, taking me out of the reading mood for two entire days. Obviously, I was extremely close to death.
  6. WORK. I HAVE TO KEEP GOING TO WORK. Oh, sure - I can read a chapter on my lunch hour, but then I can hardly think about anything else all afternoon! Will Katniss destroy the Capitol? Will Peeta ever recover? And Gale...OMG?
  7. And then, just when I think I have a free night to The dreaded message on the answering machine."You're on to work for bingo."  ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hey! What in the heck am I doing right now? Wasting time while Alex is NOT reading the book? Gotta go. Mockingjay is calling me...and BTW, it's way better than eating dessert.

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Rubi J said...

I want both you and Alex to drop everything and finish the book so Grandma Sandy gets her turn.