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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Future Journalist?

Cole showed me his first double-spaced typed essay today. I don't think he'll mind if I do a reprint:

I had a good summer. Even though I mostly just played video games and listened to Green Day on my I-Pod Touch. We went to Kansas City. There was this thing called Magic Quest. You buy a wand and go around the hotel with magic stuff. We went with Dave and Will. When we left, we went to World's of Fun and went on two roller coasters, called the Prowler and the Mamba. The Mamba goes 250 feet high and then you zoom right down. On the Prowler you zoom all around. I liked the Prowler the best.
By: Cole

While there wasn't an extensive use of vocabulary, I appreciated the action and intensity of this writing. Even when indicating companions "Dave and Will," images of bustling motion occur. (Of course, it helps to know these twins.) Anyway, it seems to have all of the foundation of interesting journalism, don't you think? I was quite proud - and a bit hopeful that my son will perhaps consider a career in something that doesn't involve great danger.

Cole - on assignment, playing Magic Quest.
Wait. What if he considers reporting? In places like the Mid-East? No way.  I need to get him thinking...novelist. Action without danger.

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